with expertise in novel technologies, like AI, ML, Data Science, and AR, Vibrant implements innovative solutions way before your competitors do the same.

Applications Design & Development

From streamlining your company’s payment process to creating easy-to-use portals for your customers, our application development team works on creative solutions to build powerful systems for your business. We work with our clients to understand their needs, gather ideas, and develop multi-functional applications. We also leverage our 10+ years of experience in developing business processes for our customers. Thus, our timely code, testing, analysis, and deployment projects help organizations around the world effectively achieve their business goals.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a model for on-demand, network-based access to shared pools of computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services. A key feature of this model is the rapid delivery of this capability with minimal management or interaction by the service provider. Vibrant has plenty of certified cloud professionals and we also maintain active partnerships with all major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. At Vibrant we have: Extensive experience and skills in cloud computing, including projects. Enterprise level document migration and integration system (Windows Azure) development. Development of document management preview system (Windows Azure). Development of a web-based system for targeted advertising (Amazon EC2).

Application Maintenance & Support

Vibrant’s application maintenance & Support services can help improve customer satisfaction, maximize app uptime, stabilize backlog implementation, and reduce operational costs. Our technical support team does regular testing to eliminate the errors that arise in applications. Ready to provide result-oriented and cost-effective support and/or maintenance services. We guarantee: Possibility of long-term cooperation without the risk of sudden service interruptions. Experience with both cutting edge and legacy technologies. Flexibility in building and pricing service packages. Controls expenses and manages production issues

Staffing Augmentation

Augmented IT staff is a temporary way to acquire expert resources to fill skill gaps on projects. The staff increase saves hiring and consolidating full-time employees. Our professional staffing program allows clients to choose from a wide range of services. Human resources options range from contract to hiring to full-time employees. This helps us choose the best for both short-term and long-term projects.It also allows us to choose a reliable workforce with cost-effective options. Easily scale your team up and down based on your current development needs. We help you avoid the costly and time-consuming recruitment process and paperwork of on-site recruitment. Our Staffing solutions are available as follows: Contract Staffing Permanent Placement Contract to Hire

AI & ML solutions

Vibrant’s AI & ML based solutions brings decades of experience in enabling enterprises to design, build and implement AI-powered software. We are committed to helping organizations understand machine learning capabilities and align them with their business goals. Our software consulting and development team are experts in the latest best practices in machine learning, data science modeling, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more. Use these skills to help your business realize the full potential of AI technology. We help transform ideas into concrete solutions through technical implementation.

Big Data Solutions

The amount of data in the world doubles every two years and it is estimated that by 2025 this amount will reach approximately 175 zettabytes. 80 – 90% of that is unstructured data like text and images. Going forward, this vast amount of data, i.e., big data used in business analytics to improve operations and provide innovative services. Big data is very broad and its uses span a wide range of applications, from targeted advertising and recommendation systems to energy consumption estimation and smart meters. With extensive experience in analytics, a commitment to openness in developing IT infrastructure and tools, and strong global BI delivery capabilities, Vibrant can help you extract business value from big data.