Our Industries

Accelerating Innovation & Growth with our cutting-edge Technologies across multiple industries.


Regulations, API banking, and rapid technological advancements in mobility, data science, and artificial intelligence in the banking sector are prone to continuous evolution today. Therefore altering the competitive landscape, traditional product offerings, and the way customers purchase and utilize banking services. This factor arises the need for continuous digital transformations.
Whether you’re building new solutions or scaling existing processes and people globally, Vibrant, Through its dedicated banking and financial services practices covering retail, corporate, capital markets, cards and payments, and risk & compliance helps you meet your goals in some of today’s most complex and fast-paced use cases.


Communications Service Providers are facing significant revenue pressure due to evolving millennial behavior and technology drivers such as over-the-top (OTT) services. The need for a robust infrastructure to efficiently adapt to new service trends is growing tremendously.
Vibrant addresses these new challenges through its cross-industry experience in digital transformation, its innovative leveraging capabilities & an approach to deliver scalable business models, and its consulting approach to stabilize business outcomes. Partner with our team for software services that power smart networks, speed time to market, and drive business capabilities to a higher level.

Health Science

Organizations must adopt healthcare IT solutions due to the current scenario of changing patient demographics, an intensifying mergers and acquisitions (M&A) environment, a focus on outcome-based remunerations, and mandates for effective care management models. To thrive, Vibrant enables organizations to modernize their basic IT infrastructure to an ecosystem-based operating model that prioritizes collaboration, agility, and resilience while delivering the care experience consumers demand, anywhere, anytime. Therefore, helping you transition.

Travel & Hospitality

As the travel and hospitality industry rushes to rebuild, digitization can come to the rescue. From chatbots to self-learning booking platforms, providers can set new impulses to delight customers and cut costs. Vibrant understands the current requirement for fast, seamless customer interactions and the importance of effective operational automation to remain afloat in the competition. We provide business solutions and consulting that impact the customer experience, with a focus on domain-driven services through technical excellence.

Retail Industry

Today’s consumers are more digitally savvy than ever before. In an always-on, always-connected retail environment, retail brands are in high demand as customers expect continuous engagement across multiple channels. The pandemic has also added highly volatile supply and demand constraints to these challenges, adding to brand concerns. So with far more online sales, the pace of change in retail is drama
Combining digital engineering with extensive expertise, Vibrant has created solutions for the entire retail value chain. We support our customers in all segments like design, User journey mapping, Demand & Supply Planning along with Fulfillment.

Manufacturing Mechanization

New digital skills and technologies are enabling manufacturers to make business decisions based on real-time, contextual data. This is the greatest opportunity of our time and we can assist you in your transition. Bringing operators, partners & customers together on a single platform provides multiple opportunities to co-design, co-develop & co-deploy innovative solutions leveraging new technologies. We are primarily focused on achieving significant cost savings through digital transformation, achieving competitive advantage through aftermarket services, and converging on a single platform, disparate systems that deliver a seamless and consistent experience across all touchpoints. We additionally focus on integrated desktop and mobile solutions that provide a unique view, and Pega-base integrated solution that manages end-to-end processes.